I returned from a summer contract in the USA at the end of August, where I had been coaching children in circus. You can read all about that here: lorettahope.co.uk/circus/my-american-adventure/ .

My focus then turned fully to own training. I wanted to really accelerate my development. At times though, when I return to something I haven’t practiced for a while and I’ve forgotten how to do, the notes I keep fail me and I struggle to translate my words to successful movement when back on the equipment. I found myself searching for a refresher by trawling through my Instagram or, failing that, browsing through other people’s content with hashtag searches. I wouldn’t always find what I was looking for and since I don’t want to spend more time in a session poring over my phone than I do training, I had to come up with some sort of solution.

Thus the Aerial Training Diaries were born! I decided video would be the best method to document what I learn and do, and began recording sessions almost immediately. It’s really handy having videos which I can index the contents of. It makes for easy referencing when it comes to choreographing with a tight schedule…I don’t know about anyone else but pressure like that can make my mind go completely blank.

A real bonus that comes from these videos is I already appreciate the progress I’ve made in only a few weeks – seeing the difference in my level is so motivating, especially if I know certain moves were a struggle. I’ve even made sure to include moments where I’m repeatedly failing at something I haven’t managed to ‘get’ yet, or long pauses where I’m too afraid to drop…. It’s a constant reminder that there have been difficulties frequently along the way and that I’ve overcome them. The purpose of these videos isn’t to show off or make myself look good…that’s what a showreel is for. I want to capture moments of authenticity in my journey and process. After only a month I’ve already pushed myself to choreograph my first single point hoop routine and overcome challenges like ankle hangs on silk or unlocked salto drops on corde lisse.
You can watch more videos on my YouTube channel. Please feel free to subscribe!