Through the winter and spring Rachel and I have been progressing our skate skills, since our first performance together for Christmas at the Bullring. With a summer scratch night coming up, we decided to dedicate the best part of two weeks to the creation of a brand new duo act and test it out in front of an audience.
We worked on choreography and dance using a very small amount of stage space, so that we’ll have options for future performances that may not have as much space to offer as the Bullring did! We were quite ambitious with the tricks we put into the routine – one was a trick we’d only practised a handful of times, and on the day we decided to switch that one out and replace it. We’d been rehearsing all day on the day of the scratch night, and on one of the hottest days of the year so far too. We probably burnt ourselves out a little, so the performance wasn’t our best – the dress run earlier that day was better, but I think it’s great to share something imperfect and our works in progress. What a 2 week journey! Here it is in scratch form!