Open is a very special project indeed. This sci-fi short film by EMAGIC integrates impressive VFX and features a good friend of mine, Jason Rivers, as the only cast member. I have a strong alliance with EMAGIC, something that I’ll be talking about in another blog soon. In terms of Open, pre-production this meant giving my time to review the narrative, give feedback on the VFX elements, proof and edit the script and liaise between EMAGIC and Jason.
On the shoot day I served as makeup artist, runner, sound assistant, and behind the scenes photographer. Oh and of course, assistant to Mr Rivers, darling. Do you need a sip of water, sir?
In all seriousness, it was a scorching hot day and I take my hat off to Jason who was padded up and in layers of blacks. Some of us (me) managed to get away with black shorts and a vest! It has to be said, it was rather intense for all of us. As an actress though, it was quite enjoyable for me to be on the other side of things for a change. I love taking photos that document a creative process, and I’ve been doing it every so often when the opportunity arises, for years now. I hope you enjoy my BTS shots, pictured.
After much anticipation, finally Open is complete and has been released! We eagerly await film festival results, but in the meantime check it out, below!

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