Smoke and Skates

Photographer Bob Cartright and I have been connected for at least 10 years – he was at the first ever group photoshoot I was involved in, back when the group The Midland Strobists was alive and kicking. Somehow it has taken us this long to get together and create! We’d set a date for March and it was great when we bumped into each other at The Photo Show, prior to our shoot. It gave us a nice opportunity to exchange ideas. Bob was keen to go for a Harley-Quinn/ clown vibe, with skates and smoke – an awesome idea with no adjustments needed! Hesent a Pinterest board over to me with makeup ideas – don’t you just love it when a guy takes a real interest in makeup?! I know I do! With a board of inspiration and left to my own devices, I came up with what you see here! Enjoy the images we made – personally I love how much variety we found in just one outfit/ look.
Facepaint by me, photography by Bob, with lighting assistance from his friend Jim!