Skating with Sorrel

Collaborating with friends guarantees a good time! Sorrel and I recently got together to get funky with my skates. I’ve been looking forward to getting some fantastic skate images for a while, and I’m so full of ideas, so this was a great way to start off.
The cafe  I’m pictured in was a stroke of luck, really. We bobbed in so I could cheekily use their loo to change outfit. The vibe in the window area was too good to miss out on though considering my outfit colours! It was a case of asking a supervisor/ manager on the day, assuring them we’d avoid their company branding in all photographs. This doesn’t always work, but this day was a good day! We commandeered a corner, kept out of the way, and we’d finished within 15 minutes.
Another cheeky outfit change in the loo, a wheel change for my skates and we were out of their hair. We had no particular location plans (as you may have guessed from part 1 of the shoot!) and I like working this way occasionally. It’s great to just see what you come across on the day. Sorrel found this great spot on the roadside, and I have to say this set includes my favourite image from the day!