October 2018 I was assigned to CircusMASH’s creative team as the makeup artist for their latest high-end entertainment commission. Dragon’s Den dragon, Theo Paphitis (owner of Boux Avenue, Robert Dyas, Ryman and more) was visiting Birmingham and bringing with him the TPRG* conference and exhibition. For the registration and opening of the event, CircusMASH would be providing on-stage and meet & greet circus entertainment, including a juggler, unicyclist, skater, magician, cyr wheel artist, and stilt acrobat. Guided by Director Zaq Andel, I joined costume designer Rhi Matthews, and costume assistant Oskar. My brief was to produce looks inspired by high-end fashion trends and Cirque du Soleil’s style and marry the two together. I was sent a design dossier, and from this created a unique makeup look for each circus artist. Each face incorporated lead and accent colours from its kindred costume and featured bold linework, vivid contours or both.
Rising at 4 am for makeup and wardrobe, all artists were on their marks and raring to go by guests’ arrival at 9 am for a spot of breakfast before the conference began…A little clowning with your croissant ma’am?

*The Paphitis Retail Group: