Urban Chic shoot with Jen Mason

This was the first time Jen and I worked together creatively. She’d wanted to follow a street, urban chic and super sassy vibe. I sent some photos of a look I’d come up with – outfit, hair and makeup, self-styled. We knew we were onto a winner. The day came and we explored Birmingham, seeking neon lights and funky street backdrops as the sky dimmed. Having mostly worked with male photographers, I was thrilled to experience some serious girl power – working with Jen really is a dream. She’s one of those wonderful photographer’s who can tune in and recognise when something is or isn’t working on camera – she’s enthusiastic yet honest. This is important to me as I love to experiment with new ideas, but am keen not to waste time shooting a dud look or idea. We worked quickly in a series of locations as the natural light began to fade. This shoot really was a breath of fresh air to me and I hope you enjoy the images as much as I do!