Bodyscapes with Denyer

Denyer has always been a photographer I can go to with an idea who would be able to deliver it perfectly, whether I just describe it or mood board it with annotations. This was 2010 and I was 17. I’d always been interested in black and white art nude, particularly abstract body scapes where it takes you a moment to figure out what you’re seeing and from what angle. This shoot was to be a body confidence boost. It was that age when I was eating what seemed like more than my weight in food per day and I was a little uncertain about my physique and whether or not I was fat. I hoped that seeing my body in pictures from a distance so-to-speak would help me gain the perspective I was lacking when I looked in the mirror. Denyer and I had worked together 8 times over two years at this point and he was the one I felt most comfortable with shooting nude. I collaged and annotated very specifically nevertheless. I suggested to Denyer I’d tone up a little in the run-up to the shoot but didn’t actually get around to it due to work and studies. It’s worth noting here, there was no liquifying/photoshopping of that nature in the post-processing – that would have completely eliminated the point of the shoot. It turned out I had no reason to be self-conscious, and I was pretty impressed with the images we came up with.