Welcome to my new website. With such wide ranging skills and projects, it has been a challenge to design a site that fulfils my many requirements. However, I do believe we’ve done it. The first two months of the year can be a quiet time for many in the entertainment industries, me included, which makes it the perfect time to focus on the launch of a new website.

Hope is at the heart of everything I do, especially this website and journal. I have so much I wish to share with you! This is the first time I’ve had a complete site, where I can share my portfolio and services in their entirety and so, after years of growing content I’m overjoyed to finally be going live.

Now, about this blogging malarkey. I did try it once, but it didn’t work out. In true Loretta style, I refuse to give up. I’ve just had a break for a few years. You see, I can write beautifully. That’s not the issue.  I feel that it takes me longer than anything else though, and have subsequently not felt motivated to blog. It can be tedious and time-consuming to write and edit, especially if you’re a renowned rambler like me! Teachers were always at a loss with me because when I *eventually* turned in an assignment, it would get a good grade – the difficulty was getting to that point! I’m an over-thinker, and always imagine a finished piece before I’ve started. With most disciplines and projects, this works well and gives a goal and a vision to work towards. However, when it comes to words, essays and articles it all gets far too overwhelming.
I hope to conquer this issue I’ve had since a young age and commit to keeping an up to date journal of blogs, perhaps even vlogs, who knows!