…ECSPC exam!

We all know an acting or performance career is a competitive one. Many believe having additional skills is a must. Whether this is necessary for survival as an actress, I can’t say. In any case, when I pursue a new skill, it’s a labour of love. The learning experience is equally as valuable to me as the skill it results in.

In 2012 I learnt my first stage combat routine as Peter in Peter Pan, taught by Raph from StageFight LTD. Ever since I’ve wanted to learn more but one thing or another has held me back when I’ve considered courses or classes. This year StageFight’s Easter intensive came to my attention and I could not let the idea go. Even then, circumstances were not ideal to book on. It stayed on my mind for a few days and I realised it would probably never be ‘the right time.’ I’ve learnt that even though desires can often feel risky, the decision to go for it can reap rewards soon after.

In a way I treated this performance combat course as a test for my spinal rehab, to see just how well I could do. Barely held back (by my back) I endured the long days which were physically and mentally challenging and met my goal of passing the exam with a Distinction! I’m absolutely over the moon and aiming to do some further stage and screen combat training in the future. There is something truly special about learning. Growth is so important to me and if I’ve come to know anything about myself in this life, it’s that I love to go to bed satisfied that I’ve learned or achieved something new each day.

Maybe yours wasn’t full of punches, swords and daggers, but I hope everybody had a lovely Easter!