Since new year I’ve launched myself into various creative projects, collaboratively. “But why pay to travel to do unpaid projects?” cried some of my very caring business-orientated friends. There are several simple answers:

I like the people
I want to spend my time wisely. Spending it with people that I really connect with is important to me. It makes me feel good working with people who I can learn from and be inspired by, who also listen to and value my ideas.

I like the concept/s
and the creative process.
It’s important to be invested in ideas. If there are only vague ideas or concepts or we’re just ‘winging it’ then I’m involved because I’ve worked with the artist/s before and know everyone will bring worthwhile ideas to the table as we improvise.

I leave a slightly different person than when I arrived.
Perhaps I knew the project would be:

  • Physically challenging, or mentally challenging
  • A trial of confidence, working out of my comfort zone
  • Trying something new: skills, techniques, ideas.
  • An opportunity to experiment and test my on-the-spot creativity, my improvisation, my problem solving.

As a result I’m really excited to share the results of completed projects I’ve been involved with, when they’re ready!
This year so far, themes have revolved around/ included:

A mermaid

Stop motion

Ideas, blossoming

Grim reaper

Experts and amateurs

Plastic in the ocean

Projected textures